Ronald McDonald House and MPCF - Giving back just feels natural!

At EIM Solutions we always love giving back whenever possible and so when we introduced Chef Daniel Bresca of Farm and Wild catering to the Michael "Pinball" Clemons Foundation (MPCF) he took to helping out like it was second nature. Daniel cooked an amazing meal for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House – Toronto (RMH). We certainly hope this becomes a recurring thing with Daniel - hint hint Daniel ;) but we know and appreciate all that he can give, with appreciation going all around from everyone involved.

We also want to take some time to mention a few people from Ronald McDonald House and the Michael "Pinball" Clemons Foundation that helped make the event awesome and run as smooth as silk – Alison and Karla from MPCF and Alison from RMH - and we at EIM Solutions are always glad to be a part of this very worthy charity.

For those of you who don’t know what the Ronald McDonald House is, their mandate is to seek to provide a home away from home for seriously ill children and their families to heal better together.

For supper, there were many cooked turkeys, homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and lots of fixings… This traditional holiday meal was out of this world! Daniel helped cook the meal for approximately 50-100 or so families, and he did it on an extremely thin budge but he worked magic!

The real winners this night were the people who didn’t have to lift a finger to enjoy a well prepared and healthy holiday meal - created by whom we at EIM Solutions believe to be the best Toronto caterer.

In fact we had donations for almost everything this night, much of the food, presents for the children, and Santa also decided to come and see the families and children staying at Ronald McDonald House - lots of love all around! Below is a pictures of the end of night photo:

 EIM Solutions - MCPF - Farm and Wild --- Fan Day

Looking forward to how we can help out and what we can accomplish in the New Year!

Thanks All!

EIM Solutions Team