Digital Marketing

Marketing has come a long way over the years, today however is a very different landscape with so many different outlets to advertise it can make your mind spin. This availability of marketing placement makes it hard to judge where to put your marketing and advertising dollars. One area many companies still neglect and has become more important than traditional marketing in many respects is digital marketing.  Digital marketing is a must and is no longer an option; it has become THE crucial strategy for businesses to stay competitive. However, like most, you don't have time to learn complex systems and details of search engine marketing and its ever-changing backdrop.

Your solution? Web-based marketing and online lead generation services from our Toronto Marketing firm, EIM Solutions.  Our Internet marketing company can give you the tools you need to stay ahead of your competition, regardless of industry or location. Imagine partnering with a single company that not only serves as your comprehensive source for invaluable services, but will function as your 'go to' partner for anything digital marketing related including:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

EIM Solutions takes your SEO needs seriously. We know that you put your trust in us to give you maximum performance, the most robust technologies, and definiteness in ethical, economical and effective Search Engine Optimization techniques available today.

Our Toronto SEO division has successfully increased business among our clients and created value through getting them ranked highly in search engines. We are a Toronto search engine optimization company that promises increased business which is based on our professional search engine optimization strategies, modern advertising methods and leading edge marketing expertise. There is no one search engine optimization tool-set that can meet the needs of each different organization, and to serve our clients and customers as comprehensively as possible our search engine optimization specialists will set up quick, convenient and realistic consultations with each client with the aim to find out your expectations, requirements, and goals. Because what business leader has the time to:

  • Research and experiment with targeted keywords
  • Write compelling and grammatically correct website text
  • Build relevant links that help your website gain credibility
  • Program the website with meta descriptions and keyword tags for each page

Not many. Fortunately the SEO specialists at EIM Solutions do – and it's what our Toronto SEO company does best. Our affordable search engine optimization adds value where others leave you wondering. Your search engine marketing strategy can be developed with a professional and accessible project manager; your website text will be written by a skilled and experienced copywriter; and expert programmers will create the necessary links, tags and meta descriptions to ensure you rank highly.

Our Toronto SEO Company, consisting of experienced marketing managers, consultants, web content writers, link-builders and coding specialists are skilful in changing and modifying their techniques on a moment's notice because our constantly changing world of online e-business is like holding the fast-forward button on your remote. We have partner accounts with all the major search engines, and can create local search engine optimization campaigns as well as successfully target high-value search engine optimization keywords. Our services can be customized to a small business using SEO to carve out a niche in the Toronto market area or a national company that is set to go global with the best search engine optimization practices in the industry.

Often times our prospective Toronto area clients say they don't understand why they are not receiving more calls, emails or business, though their website has been up and running as long as the internet has been. This is a common phenomenon, and unlike traditional bricks and mortar there is not the benefit of a physical location that people can visit to keep it in the mind, regardless of how long the site has been up, how desirable the product or service might be, amateur search engine optimization techniques, and even a poorly designed website will never perform as expected. We also know "guaranteed search engine optimization" only goes as far as the tangible results and return on investment (ROI) that your SEO company is providing for you.

As our programmers are experts in programming, our copywriters and web design professionals are experts in their respective fields; we, the Toronto SEO experts, maintain a continued, successful track record for getting all of our Canadian SEO clients the publicity and search engine placement they need and deserve. We have internal search engine optimization training that is second to none. Our strategies evolve with the changes that happen in search engine algorithms (unlike most pieces of ready-made search engine optimization software and lesser SEO companies that rely on automated optimization tricks) but our focus is always on naturalized search engine placement and organically obtained search engine rankings.

We rely on a combination of well-researched keyword selection that is specific to your industry, high quality link-building, on-site code optimization and an assortment of search optimization tools that range from social media marketing and local optimization to compliment your initial web design and content.

Being one of the leading Toronto SEO and digital marketing companies, we know firsthand that business markets are especially difficult to penetrate, but also that time and dedication to effective search engine optimization is required in order to build a long-lasting and authoritative reputation with these markets. With web design and SEO services that offer something for everyone,EIM Solutions is in a great position to help you sustain success – forever.


Social Media

What business owners have heard, and continue to hear about social media is true: Web 2.0 is the platform for marketing, customer engagement and brand awareness. Our Toronto social media firm is at the cutting edge of such development and we offer the benefit of being a business that is not only looking to grow, but excel in our chosen field. Thankfully you are thinking about your social media program, and by reading this we know you're serious about your social media efforts.

Each and every day business owners globally are realizing the demand for a social media presence to stay relevant to consumers. But unlike other marketing efforts, creating and maintaining multiple accounts is time consuming – and quite honestly, your business needs you to attend to more pressing matters. Your solution is simple: Outsource your social media presence to EIM Solutions the Toronto social media experts

Did you know that the average Fortune 1000 company has more than 150 social media accounts, reducing the effect of focused marketing and confusing potential clients even more

EIM Solutions can create and skilfully manage Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and other accounts for your business – we can also ghostwrite and update your company blog with information that reflects your industry experience. We are keenly aware of the social media landscape and can understand and interpret key messaging points of your brand so that your target audience will stay tuned in into your all your content and developments. Most importantly, they will see that you are plugged into new media.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Wouldn't it be great if all your Internet marketing strategy efforts could reach filtered, pre-qualified prospects? Our pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model can make it become a reality for you. We will manage your marketing costs by paying only when a user clicks on your sponsored results advertisement, and we will accurately monitor and report on the results. Your PPC campaigns will never be the same, and will continue to generate results for you.

To top it all off, you will have peace of mind knowing that our staff are Google Certified AdWords practitioners. This puts us in a class well beyond our competition showing you our desire to stay head and shoulders above all others for your benefit – and at costs competitive to almost every alternative.


Online Video Production

Having video on your site is the ultimate in holding an audience and converting them. While graphics draw in your visitor and content sells your visitor, a well made video on your website will benefit your company by converting your users and visitors into paying customers much quicker than any other method alone. Our video production team is ready to address your video needs whether it is a live video, explainer cartoon, or a friendly introduction. With EIM Solutions your creative video needs can be made a reality by providing you with a commercial-grade video shoot in addition to our extensive online marketing services.


E-mail Marketing

Simple pie... Give us your list and we'll send the e-mails. To launch an e-mail marketing campaign with us, simply enrol the help of our Web development team and e-mail marketing specialist at EIM Solutions


Traditional Marketing

While we have a lot of expertise with online and digital marketing, we also help our clients manage their print and traditional marketing programs. We recognize that these marketing channels are not going anywhere anytime soon and our marketing team can help you strategize around what you are currently doing to help you find more cost effective solutions. Our clients can also benefit by using our group purchasing power to buy down your costs associated with this marketing channel, and with the many contacts we have in the printing industry across Canada, United States and the UK, EIM Solutions is set to make your costs decline while maximizing your ROI


National Clientele with National Results in SEO and Web Development

Making sure our clients are promoted using the Internet as the nucleus is at the heart of everything we do. Our services complement each other and we pride ourselves on keeping our clients up to date on the developments and strategies that will drive their websites; more to the point, we are proud of the proven results we have helped them attain utilizing a complete marketing mix and a great return on investment.

In this age of New Media business is a moving target and our turnkey solutions will ensure businesses like yours are in the forefront from start until... forever; this is what sets us apart from other digital marketing companies. To learn how we can create the optimal New Media marketing mix for you with any of the above web development and traditional marketing services contact EIM Solutions today.